DISTRICT   ....29 York and Hull....................


Methodist Conference resolution (2014)

Each Synod ensures that District Safeguarding Officers undertake a review of the implementation of recommendations of the 2011 President's Inquiry, assessing the progress which has been made within the District.

The outcomes of the review should be reported to Synods and the Connexional Safeguarding Adviser no later than April 2015.






Compliance with standardised recording of safeguarding information (eg incident reports, referrals, contract monitoring) at every level of the church.


This is progressing but not achieved

Delivery of safeguarding training and District website briefing


A District Safeguarding Officer whose role meets the job description working a minimum of 14 hours per week.

Achieved – DSO has twelve hours per week and assistant DSO has eight hours per week

Stationing/contract in place


Effective working between the District Executive Officer for Safeguarding, District Chair and Training Officer (DMLN); good sharing of information and concerns. Regular meetings and a clear place within the District’s structures ensured by the District Chair

District Chair is interim Chair of DSG and DSOs meet regularly with regional training forum

Meetings occur


Notification of all Safeguarding concerns or possible safeguarding concerns to the District Safeguarding Officer



In progress


DSO’s recorded material


All Districts to have active Safeguarding Groups which meet regularly to discuss training, implementation of policy and local safeguarding concerns.


DSG meets four times per year.  Training policy and concerns are standing agenda items

Minutes of DSG

Members of the District Safeguarding Groups should be encouraged to take up further training opportunities (eg attendance at the Connexional Safeguarding Conference) and should have current working knowledge of an area of Safeguarding.


DSO attends annual conference and cascades material.  Members attend other training and cascade material

Minutes of DSG

The District Safeguarding  Officer should ensure that Safeguarding training takes place regularly and systematically and is of a high standard. While the training officer (DMLN) is responsible for good quality delivery the best results will be achieved by close working with the DSO ensuring appropriate content.

DSOs attend all training the trainers events and Leadership Module.  Also attendance at regular meetings with regional training forum

Attendance at training and meetings