(an opportunity and a resource to become better neighbours with our Muslim friends)








London has been described as the most multicultural city in the world and Bradford is now a majority Muslim city.  In our news items and on our television screens we are constantly challenged to relate to people of other faiths but beyond the remote contact of the television or the world wide web we have very little opportunity in the York and Hull District to engage with those of different faiths, and particularly with the Muslim community.  We find very few of them as neighbours in the sense of ‘living next door’ neighbours.  In order to help us to better understand one another we have linked up with Touchstone, based in Bradford and in the West Yorkshire District.  In return for some financial resourcing from our District via a grant from the District Advance Fund they will provide us with material and opportunities to enable us to understand one another better.  We will be encouraged to ask question without fear and trepidation that those questions are inappropriate; we will have the opportunity to learn more about their way of life, faith, dress diet etc in lots of fun ways.  And we will also have the opportunity to share our own faith with them. 




If you would like to know more about Touchstone please have a look at their website




Two Ways of learning more




Two ways of learning more already underway at Touchstone and which we are invited to join in with are as follows:




  1. Visit the Yurt




Visit the Yurt and see the Carpet of Wisdom.  This will be coming to Ripon Cathedral; the date will be announced shortly




Launched by Touchstone in Bradford in the Autumn of 2014, Weaving Women's Wisdom has worked alongside 20 groups in Britain and Pakistan, to enable women to converse differently about matters of life and faith. 


Each group considered four questions:


Who are the wise women that have influenced my life?


What is the difference between wisdom and knowledge?


Who are the holy women in my holy text and faith tradition?


What is the wisest piece of advice I have been given or read from one of the wise women we have discussed?




In light of this conversation, each group was provided with a starter pack of materials and the invitation to make a rug.  Here are some of the diverse and colourful results!




Bedale have already made a contribution.




Would you and some friends like to join in?  They don’t have to be Church friends or a church group.








2.       Calling all cooks and housegroups




A study course is available entitled ‘Eating Curry for Heaven’s Sake’ using Revd Dr Barbara Glasson’s book of the same name.  Dr Glasson is the Team Leader of Touchstone and she has written this excellent book which makes a superb 6 week housegroup course and is a brilliant way to begin Interfaith engagement.  You can cook a curry or other fabulous food, tell a story and talk openly and honestly about the delights and fears that come with diversity.




The book is available from Touchstone or from the Kevin Mayhew publishing website




If you would like to know more please contact Jackie Gaitley or Heather Shipman